The pigs are some of the most important and temperamental members of the Bittersweet Farm family. Conflict solution is one of the biggest concerns, especially when the youngsters invade the elder's territory. The Bennett's are the caretakers of a number of Tamworth, a rare red English pig, and Tamworth/Large Black crosses. They are all good foragers and mothers, and some are even partial to blueberry beer.

Kia describes the pigs' adventures.

One of Kia's main focuses is creating and nurturing positive relationships with all the residents of Bittersweet Farm. To accomplish this task, it is vital to recognize the intelligence of all the animals, and their many varying personalities.

Learn about the importance of de-centering "human" intelligence.

One of the legendary "personalities" on Bittersweet Farm is Bluebell, the pig. She is a caring and efficient mother, but can become rather testy when she is hungry.

Who is the "sweetheart," Bluebell?

On Bittersweet farm, the chickens have free range to live where they please. Many of them have struck up an unusual friendship with... The mama pigs!

Can you guess where is the chicken's favorite hangout?

Illustrations: Blake Lavia
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