Of the stories I can remember, there was one instance when we were traveling to Tlacotalpan to an Jaraner@ convention. There were four of us in a car, traveling on rugged roads, long before the existence of the new highways. We got lost in the forest and ended up off the road.
We got out of the car, and starting walking, hoping to find someone to give us directions. As we moved forward, we saw light in the distance. Thinking that we had found a house, two of us went ahead and discovered that there was no house in sight.
Instead, we found an old man, surrounded by fireflies. Initially, we were frightened. At that very moment we heard our friends honk the car’s horn. We ran back to the car, but we found our friends asleep. We woke them and they were very annoyed. When we asked why they had honked the horn, they said that it couldn’t have been them: they were asleep.
When we went to look for the man, we couldn’t find the man and his fireflies.
~ Alejandro 

Illustration: TZINTZUN
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